Here at Evergreen Variety in Harriston we sell almost everything you need to set up a home and keep it running.

We sell all sorts of used furniture. You can often find usedĀ appliances, mattresses, bedroom suites, kitchen and dining room sets as well as sofa and chair sets and sometimes sofa beds and even ultramatic beds. Besides our used furniture we carry a lot of smaller used secondhand items. Our second story is filled with all sorts of small used items; teacups, china, silverware, pots and pans, tools, etc. Also in our second story are several craft vendors, they sell small crafts such as small wooden toilet paper holders, wine bottle holders, knitted baby sweaters, caps, embroidered pillow cases, as well as some new baby accessories and clothes.

We stock tonnes of sewing supplies. On the main floor there is a corner full of almost anything that you would ever need for a sewing project. We have two racks full of buttons, a shelf full of elastic and velcro (stick-on velcro as well as sew-on), a rack of Mettler thread, sewing machine needles and other sewing accessories. Upstairs we carry invisible zippers and quilt batts. We have some table cloth rolls for those that like to have their tables covered.

We also sell bulk food. Along the left side of the store is a wall lined with twenty kilogram bags of flour, sugar, quick-oats, popcorn and some specialty products. Farther back are shelves full to the brim with smaller bags of bulk flour, raisins, sugar, etc. As you come into the store you'll see a cupboard lined with homemade jams and jellies along with maple syrup and summer sausage. We are located on the main street in Harriston, ON.

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